Royal Jelling Visitors Center

Royal Jelling Visitors Center (Gormsgade 23, Jelling) – located 2 ½ hours west of Copenhagen (246 km. drive), Royal Jelling – Kongernes Jelling – is a visitor’s center under the auspices of the National Museum of Denmark.  The center relates the story of the Jelling Monuments, created by Viking-age King Gorm the Old and his son King Harald Bluetooth. The eighth-century Jelling Monuments – two runic stones by the Jelling Church and two mighty royal burial mounds to the north and south of the church – came under UNESCO patronage in 1994. The monuments reflect the transition from paganism to Christianity in Denmark and are often referred to as marking the birth of the Danish nation. One of the runic stones carries the oldest inscription in which reference is made to the nation of Denmark and its people. Note:  this is a child-friendly historic site.  Such young visitors have the chance to experience the Viking Age first-hand – to dress up as Vikings, play in a Viking tent, write their name with runic letters, read Viking books, and try a Viking game. Admission:  Free.  Hours vary.   See the museum’s website for an updated schedule: