Lejre Land of Legends

Lejre Land of Legends (Slangealléen 2, Lejre) – located 47 km. west of Copenhagen, this, in effect, is a Viking-era theme park.  Visitors here encounter an open air museum, where they can travel through space and time.  The experimental centre features a series of reconstructed settlements, houses, and active workshops from the Iron, Stone, and Viking Ages.  Visit the active workshops where Viking women, Iron Age men, Stone Age hunters and artisans perform their crafts.  See the cattle grazing, the wild boar roaming the fields, and the sheep and goats freely foraging in the pastures.  Discover the Båldalen, where kids can row the tree-trunk boats, chop wood, grind their own flour for wheat patties and much more.  Admission:  165 DKK (Adult), 105 DKK (Students), 105 DKK (Children 3-11 years).  Opening hours vary.  Check Lejre’s website for an updated schedule: